Friday, 29 February 2008

Extra Easter Torchwood

I'd heard a rumour that the series 2 DVD boxset was out as early as 'March (without any 'vanilla' precursors), which was odd as even at BBC Three pace the series would not have concluded on TV. However, as the 31st is a Monday, thus a potential release date, and if an extra episode screening occurred it would just work.

Yesterday I discovered that there is indeed an extra episode being slotted in on Easter Friday (21 March) as well as the regular one the Wednesday before (19 March).

Thus we have:

Ep 10 (From Out of the Rain) 12 March BBC Three, 19 March BBC Two

Ep 11 (Drift) 19 March BBC Three, 21 March BBC Two

Ep 12 (Fragments) 21 March BBC Three, 26 March BBC Two

Ep 13 (Exit Wounds) 26 March BBC BBC Two ?

DVD Release - 31 March

That does assume a few things, especially the conventions regarding BBC Three screenings of course.

Amazon, meanwhile have it as being out on 2 June, which does seem a more credible date.

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