Wednesday, 6 February 2008

The new camera

Well not actually my camera as it can't quite take a picture of itself yet. I finally managed to get together enough cash and confidence in my choice last Thursday evening and picked this up in the Craigleith branch of Argos during a very gusty shower. The photo tells you a fair bit about the spec.

I've went from a 3 megapixel model (impressed me back in 2003) to a whopping 12 megapixel model now. However I've set it to take pics at 6MP (its lowest setting) as I think that's fair enough for my purposes.It also doesn't clog up the storage so much. It was only giving me room for 25 or so shots with the inbuilt 64MB ! I wisely spurned the Argos offer of a 1GB SD card for 'only' £17.99 - instead I picked up a Tesco own-brand SD card for under a tenner - and it's a 2GB one! Now I have room for over 1000 photos. However it also takes HD video - so I think a big storage capacity is essential for that.

Unfortunately, as on the day of purchase, the weather when I'm not in work has been pretty filthy and not very photogenic. Hopefully I'll be able to get some new landscape shots done this coming weekend.I'm thinking of a trip out somewhere like Linlithgow, St Andrews or the Borders. Looking especially for carpets of snowdrops.

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