Thursday, 28 February 2008

Here is the late news ...

This all happened last Friday of course, so apologies for not keeping all of you up to speed (though, in one person's case, I was trying to keep this a secret until Monday at least). Basically, out of the blue, I had my new laptop bought and delivered to me by my sister and brother-in-law (those responsible for throwing out my last Mac!) after only half the savings had been accrued towards it.

As some of you may recognise from the not great pic (above) I took last weekend, it's a mid-range MacBook, running Leopard, so I'm pretty bang up to the minute.

I've never had a laptop before and I craved the portability, especially as it's built for wi-fi. That's what it was hooked up to in the photo - turns out The Seven Kings in Dunfermline does free wi-fi access. I'm using it again at this very moment.

I've been very keen to 'divine' where the wi-fi roams over the past few days. Most bizarrely I was surfing on Tuesday morning on the no55 bus and the night before I found my mate PJ had it and didn't know (it was someone else's freely transmitting). And a big shout out to Martin at The Illicit Still (our Doctor Who group venue) who not only has the free wi-fi but let me plug the MacBook in and save my battery. Dunno if that's offered to just anyone.

Other stuff I've been given a buzz by is being able to sync up my iTunes with, so prepare to see my playlist going off at a new, less random, tangent. And I was able to upload 80 photos at once to Flickr. Impressive. Still getting to grips with the DVD and Movie features and wondering what I can use the iSight webcam for ... anyone fancy a podcast?

And on the same day, my sister confirmed that all the legal gubbins (missives) had finally been signed for my new flat! After so many target flat deals fell at the last, this is a great relief. Not wishing to give myself away completely but I will have a lounge view out to Rex Park in Dunfermline.

29 Feb Update: I'm not quite as 'bang up to the minute' now - along with the iPod Shuffle revamp yesterday, the whole MacBook range got a wee boost, so I'm one iteration behind.

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