Monday, 18 February 2008

Sunshine Cat

This is Willow the house cat making the most of Saturday afternoon's sunshine in the lounge.

Unfortunately it was as I reached for the camera to take this shot that I discovered a major fault on it. Basically the viewfinder is gone, looking like it's glass is cracked (but isn't, at least externally). Ironically I think this is one of the best shots I've taken with it - obviously the camera itself still works and has lots of autofocus and auto-exposure things going on. However I will be pursuing a repair or replacement from either Argos or Kodak as I don't think things like this should happen after 3 weeks careful use.

1 comment:

xpozure4u said...

Well I certainly don't think you should be accepting a repair after just 3 weeks .Argos are pretty good at replacing or refunding faulty items .
P.S. Nice mog

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