Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Extra Torchwood

And that's ESPECIALLY for viewers in Scotland!

I noted from the new "Radio Times" yesterday that BBC Two Scotland have relented on showing both the kiddie-friendly edit of "Torchwood" and the ONLY showing of "Torchwood De-Classified" which is networked in England and Wales on Thurdays at 7pm. As from episode 4 ("Meat") it will go out on TUESDAY at 7pm instead, avoiding the sacred Gaelic Zone (ironically this is ditched for a football match next week!).

Sorry I don't know if this situation is matched in Northern Ireland which also has a localised Thursday evening schedule.

However I managed to miss the fact that from next Wednesday (13th) BBC Three will be premiering the 'next week' episode, as they did with "Heroes" last year. This is especially apt for Martha Jones fans as her first of three "Torchwood" episodes ("Reset") will be on at 9.50pm that night, following episode five ("Adam") on BBC Two.

Only drawback here is that this will skim off some of BBC Two's ratings, as happened in series one.

7 FEBRUARY UPDATE: SFX are now reporting this BBC Three premiere is to be a one-off, presumably to draw people into the revamp happening on the channel from next week.

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