Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Armed Forces Day 2010

Armed Forces Day. Honouring Britain's Armed Forces - Past, Present and Future.

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If you love a man (or woman) in a uniform and want to show your support ... or just get up close then there's plenty of opportunity coming right up.

The second Armed Forces Day happens on 26th of June this year. For 2010 the celebrations centre on Cardiff on the day, but events are planned around the country honouring serving personnel and veterans alike.

The Scottish events calender is launched next week, with the first major diary date being the Stirling Military Show on the 19th. If you want something two weekends running you can! Most of the big cities (Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen, Edinburgh) hold their event on the 26th.

I'm thinking of checking out Stirling and Edinburgh and will bring my camera, hoping for summer weather ...

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