Saturday, 24 July 2010

Doctor Who at the Proms this weekend

Just a little reminder that this year's "Doctor Who" prom is only hours away. It will be recorded for BBC Three & red button screenings later in the year but you can listen live on BBC Radio Three tonight from 7.30 until 9.45. Matt Smith (plus Karen and Arthur) will be there with the orchestra. It will be on iPlayer for 7 days afterwards too.

A marvellous online programme for the concert is here

May I also take this opportunity to plug the new "Doctor Who Magazine", which I picked up in Tesco this morning. Fab interviews with one current (Rory) and one past (Adric) male companion, one off silly comic strip, feature on "The War Machines", plus reviews and some news of forthcoming audios, DVDs and the upcoming series. Very much worth £4.20 of your earth money.

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