Saturday, 26 December 2009

Those Christmas Presents in full ...

I actually found doing this last year was quite useful for me, so here goes again. One incoming present will not be given to me until tonight (from my mate PJ who's getting the 'Outnumbered' DVD from me) but otherwise it's complete.

Firstly my outgoing gifts:

For reasons which become apparent, I must seperate my incoming into three categories.

First the slightly boring and unavoidable ones:

Then come 'the three calendars' (one more than I can really use) - I'll be making a special post about the Edinburgh Rugby one (which was from my boss so will go up in the office):

Now there's a story behind the last category. This year my Dad decided he'd get me a classic "Doctor Who" DVD (dunno why it hadn't occurred before now) but wanted a shortlist to choose from so that he didn't get me one I had already, and from my point of view, so that he didn't get me "Timelash". So I scribbled down a shortlist after consulting with Amazon to remind myself what was out and how much they cost. Once I ran out of envelope I thought that was enough to choose a couple from. Here's that shortlist I drew up in late November:

and here's what turned up on Christmas Day:

I think you can see the striking similarity! Apparently the wider family got hold of the list (fair enough) and decided to challenge themselves to get everything on it! Now this is 20 stories, so even at Amazon prices that's around £120 worth! I feel slightly guilty, though that wasn't my intention when drawing up the shortlist - in fact I added a few non-Doctor Who suggestions on the back but they were ignored.

Somewhat ironically, on the day itself I managed to miss "The End of Time" part one by incorrectly thinking it was on at the usual 7pm slot. Worse still I turned on for the last 5 minutes!

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