Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Edinburgh Rugby 2010 Calendar - a bit of context

In researching the previous post I came across this piece from the team website:

On the one hand it reveals that this project was quite a last minute thing, so kudos to the team for basically getting it all done in just a matter of weeks. However it also reveals that that the inspiration back on October 10th was a match with Stade Francais, who gifted them copies of their infamous calendar. So they DO know how it should be done, but still didn't replicate it. Of course the Stade people don't bother with themes and there's no colour and few clothes either, but only three of the 12 shots really make the grade for a professional team at Edinburgh's level. I suspect there may have been a bit of local rivalry when they discovered that two of the Glasgow Warriors Rugby team (Max and Thom Evans) got their bits in the 2010 DDS calendar (below)

Anyway, had it been me doing the Edinburgh calendar, I'd have had no more than two guys per month, but been a bit more revealing in the shots. For rugby players the shots were surprisingly coy. It might have been:

JANUARY - Mike and David Blair - in contrasting longjohns celebrating with a popping champagne bottle
FEBRUARY - Scott Newlands - reclining naked on a luxury bed with a scattering of chocolates covering his bits
MARCH - Chris Paterson - in wet white pants and t-shirt (ripping open the latter)
APRIL - Ross Ford - tooled up like a handyman in tight denim cut-offs, socks and boots
MAY - Jim Hamilton - all greased up under a car bonnet with dropped overalls and 'distressed' underwear
JUNE - Phil Godman - in cycling lycra on a bike
JULY - Tim Visser and Andrew Easson - playing with supersoaker pistols in their speedoes
AUGUST - Sean Crombie - unzipping biker leathers
SEPTEMBER - Simon Webster - grappling open a dress shirt and bowtie plus black socks and white pants
OCTOBER - John Houston and Roddy Grant - mud wrestling in jockstraps
NOVEMBER - Ross Rennie - kneeling topless in a kilt
DECEMBER - Nick De Luca - in red silk boxers with a white fur trim and a santa hat

And that makes 15 guys appearing which is the size of a rugby squad surely?

What do you think? Should I get the gig for the 2011 calendar?


xpozure4u said...

Haven't seen the "Evans" pics before ...Had to go to the large version of one of the pics to check my eyes were not deceiving me as to what I could see a glimpse of ..Looks a handful ( middle pic I think it is in)

Graeme said...

I hadn't seen the full set until yesterday either. I did notice what you noticed (there's even more on the DVD!) but let it go through.

What did you think of the Edinburgh one? Was I just being a bitch?

xpozure4u said...

Nah....I think their end of year report would say " Could Do Better"

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