Thursday, 24 December 2009

White Christmas in Dunfermline?

It's looking 100% likely - after our heavy snowfall early yesterday I only dared venture out in it this morning for a pharmacy appointment. Walking back, I took a fair load of pictures in Comely Park and this is one I liked of real snow on real holly!

Effing cold though! Everyone is having to go around dressed like extras in a Perry Como Christmas Special, all bobble hats, scarves and sensible boots. Don't remember snow this thick here since the unexpected spell in March 2006. Apparently though the particular combo of snow and ice and temperature flux has made it the worst for transport disruption (in all it forms) for more than 20 years, though I'd have said the drifts of February 1991 would have been that. It was something like minus 12 degrees in Edinburgh last night - a low lying city by a river! And there have been reports of the Forth and the Clyde freezing over in parts!

Merry Christmas to everyone at home!

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