Wednesday, 9 July 2008

A fresh start for my model photography ...?

Here's something I'm definitely going to need some of my regular readers to help out on, but there's something in it for you.

I've been on a recruiting push for male models of late and had a fair bit of take-up for once. I should have about half a dozen lads ready to go before the camera in the next few weeks or so. And several are willing to go "all the way" ;-)

Maybe it's the credit crunch making guys try to cover all their options?

This time I've thought up a basic business model to support the photography progressing. I've no idea yet whether it's viable either.

Mention of finances brings me to where you might come in.Basically I shall be selling zipped photosets direct to whoever fancies having them (probably using PayPal). My initial thoughts on pricing the sets are based on a cost per shot, depending how revealing or explicit it is. Hence I'd be looking at 10p per clothed shot (down to underwear though); 20p per barearsed and/or full frontal shot and 50p for visible erection, cumshot and/or arsehole shots.

As an example a 40 pic clothed set would be £4, while a 50 pic set that's two-thirds made up of 'beyond the pants' is £11. I've also made a standby costing for video, but that's for the future.

I've also adopted the sliding scale to better fit what the model does, while not ruling anything unreasonable in. This introduces the possibility of a model earning something from the shoot, even if they don't drop their pants. It simultaneously gives a slight incentive to do so.

So I need you to tell me whether you'd be interested in buying sets on that basis, or whether I need to tweak my ideas. I'm already in two minds about the 50p pricing as it would make a heavily nude/explicit set prohibitive. Nothing's going to be set up until the end of summer anyway, and in the meantime the new models will be previewed here and on my Flickr pages. As they are previewed, I hope you register your interest in seeing more of that model, either by commenting on the post as usual or (for the more discreet) by emailing me. So that you can do so right away I'll reveal my email address is cobaltmale 'AT' (the @ is spelt out for technical reasons, but obviously you use @ not 'AT')

Ultimately the models of Cobalt Studios will be on a dedicated blog I set up some time ago (to wait until the time was right).

To remind you of my past work, check out those Flickr pages at this address:

For several reasons these sets are not for sale anymore so don't ask.

The nest three posts (above) will be posted from Flickr, featuring three of my most poular models - all of whom dropped their pants incedentally.

Just to make it interesting, the first ten people to reply by email (you can comment here as well) will get their first set free of charge, should they wish it.

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