Saturday, 28 March 2009

3 x Blancmange

One of the forgotten acts of the 80s unfortunately. They were one of that decade's effete male duos (one on vocals, one on keyboards) that were probably inspired by Sparks (see also Soft Cell, Erasure and the Pet Shop Boys).

Here are three of their best.

I'm of the opinion that their cover of "The Day Before You Came" betters the original. If you are unaware of the original artist, then the video presented here gives you a good nod in that direction. If people fail to see the humour in their treatment, then I pity them. Besides, Neil Arthur is so sexy in this summer 1984 video.

If you want to hear the original, with a visual twist that I very much approve of, go here:

Sorry, this is an audio-only of "Blind Vision"

Their first hit, "Living On the Ceiling", performed on "Top of the Pops", where you will note the word 'bloody' has been censored for TV.

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