Friday, 19 May 2006

Big Brother 7 - first impressions

Nearly 12 hours of the 13 weeks gone already! It certainly looks like we're in for 'interesting times' this year, with the freak factor apparently turned up a notch - even the 'normal' housemates (with a couple of exceptions) seem to have sociopathic tendencies!

I'm certainly fed up with Shahbaz already - that view formed from the launch show alone, but staying up until 1am for the E4 feed just underlined it. My initial views of Pete and Lea mellowed on further viewing though. Either Pete calmed down or I just got used to the verbal and physical ticks - probably a bit of both - and began to find him attractive and engaging. Lea initially looked completely vain and plastic but has since shown a more warm, maternal aspect. Dawn just completely forgot her advertised persona and was bubbly and sociable whenever caught on camera - seems very pally with 'sexual terrorist' Richard so far. I think he might go far - even the lads seem cool when close to him and I was surprised that today's "Sun" seem to be backing him and beauty queen Imogen (if photo prominence is anything to go by) as the alpha male and female. Imogen appears to be fairly faultless so far, but may suffer later from the other girls as seems to be a definite BB habit. Sezar, Mikey and George are the most obvious male totty contenders but all conceal somewhat unattractive attitudes to some degree, likewise Grace, Nikki and Bonnie (or Bonno by her lips). Lastly we come to Lisa and Glyn. I'm afraid Lisa could also quickly get on my nerves - despite a friendly, earthy personality she is prone to catchphrases like 'mint' which grate very quickly. Lifeguard Glyn seems a bit lost and looks likely to be eaten up by one of the bigger fish - he already seemed 'marked' by wearing Shahbaz' jacket and disappearing off with him.

I'd have liked Shahbaz to be the first evicted on the 26th, but Big Brother's first twist (which I just missed) means he and Lisa appear to be immune. I predict it will be Bonnie who was obnoxious outside and quiet inside the house - a really suicidal combination for public votes. Of course it all depends on membership of this 'brotherhood'.

The house itself is a quite different layout this year - I'm glad the sitting room has been brought back in to the main house. It was too often used as the sulking/argueing venue last year. Doesn't actually LOOK smaller though, but perhaps that's all the glass and mirrors. The cameras in the bathroom will be fun as will the al fresco dining table.

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