Sunday, 14 May 2006

Cosmopolitan - Celebrity Nudes 2006

Thanks to Stuart for the first of 2 heads-up which have inspired me to post.

First a nice man has put up scans of this year's "Cosmo" nudes (now happens every June issue I believe) and so I'm publishing them here for your delectation. IN order they are

Anthony Costa (ex-Blue and Eurovision failure)
Noel Clarke (he's in some programme on Saturday nights)
JK & Joel (Radio One DJs)
Danny Dyer (cockerney-type actorCraig Doyle (ex-"Holiday" frontman turned DJ) England Rugby 7s stars (quite serial streakers these lads)
Cris & Crawford (from C4's "Shipwrecked)
Ronan Keating (ex boybander now in decline)
Nick Moran (actor and director)
Mario Melchiot (Birmingham City footy player)
Patrick McGuinness (Paddy from "Phoenix Nights" etc)
Simon Burnett (won 2 golds and one silver in the Commonwealth Games swimming)
Jade Jones (another ex-boybander)
James Toseland (2004 World Superbike Champion)

Apart from the sportsmen I'm slightly underwhelmed by the shots but you can't please everyone ...


Danno said...

You are too kind to pass on these photos to the world of blog! I love your site by the way.

Danno said...

I love your blog and thaks for the great shots!!!

Graeme said...

Thanks Danno - these were not my scans in this case but I thought they needed wider exposure!

You might want to track down some from previous years. Yummy cricketer Simon Jones was a highlight in 2005.

Peter Rivendell said...

Anthony Costa - No! Duncan maybe.
Noel Clarke - No. Even looks odd in that pic.
JK & Joel - definitely a fun threesome.
Danny Dyer - Oh yes.
Craig Doyle - Oh yes.
Rugby 7s - 2 out of 7
Cris & Crawford - Cris!
Ronan Keating - Yuk. As if.
Nick Moran - Put it away grandad.
Mario Melchiot - Is that a woman?
Patrick McGuinness - Oh yes.
Simon Burnett - Hello!
Jade Jones - Has been. Mr Baby Spice.
James Toseland - I`d have a ride. Great abs!

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