Saturday, 13 May 2006

Doctor Who - catch up on reviews & previews

Hello again playmates! I voluntarily cut myself off from the net and computers on my week away, so now I must catch up on my duties.

First off I must cast my mind back 7 days to the last screened episode, "The Girl in the Fireplace". Sad to say I was disappointed and was close to giving my lowest mark of the second run so far. I'm relenting with an 8 out of 10 as I wasn't able to get a second viewing, which normally warms me to any episode.
Basically I found it incoherent and random, despite looking great and fine performances all round. It also seemed rather unoriginal - the idea of 'dumb hi-tech' was done much better last year by the same writer and the use of human parts to 'repair' the ship, though admirably gruesome has also been done before. While watching I was full of unanswered questions (I'm sure you can guess several) , to which I assumed an "It just is, OK" response. This concoction produced some fantastic scenes and set-pieces, notably the Doctor crashing through a huge mirror on horseback, but it appeared they came first and the plot was extrapolated later. It was definitely a showcase for David Tennant's Doctor (surely with an nod to his "Casanova") and of course allowed him to get acquainted with current real-life girlfriend Sophia Myles.

Anyway, I'm very much more looking forward to tonight's return of the Cybermen in 2006's first 2-parters it has so many hooks in me already. The BBC site has a gallery up, though I found it rather bland and there's no Andrew Hayden-Smith!

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