Monday, 9 November 2009

Fencing in Rex Park

As you might be aware, one of the perks of living where I am is the view out across Rex Park, pictured above in the spring (though not from my flat).

So I was curious then angry when the council suddenly erected a bog standard mesh fence around it for no apparent reason, compounded by apparently barricading in some of the other residents with an even cheaper material. The fence keeps nothing in or out - it can't anyway as it's a public asset - and was constructed with obvious errors like blocking off a path. Security-wise it's probably made two virtual 'dark alleys' that were not there before, one of which will obviously be an unofficial toilet stop.

I've made two slideshows below. The first was made back in February (actually just to test out the slideshow>movie feature in Picasa) showing the park as it was before the fence went up, though my shots just happen to focus on the views that are most changed.

The second is made from photos taken between mid June and the start of August as I tried to chronicle the mess being made. I've alerted this one via Facebook to my MP, Willie Rennie, though I don't know what can be done.

and this is what they did ...

Ironic I'm posting this on the day that marks the 20th anniversary of another pointless wall coming down.

1 comment:

xpozure4u said...

This sort of thing really incenses me ....That looks awful doesn't it and to what end ?...Yet another reason to hate Cooncils .Good that you have alerted your local M.P. but you'll need to keep on at him and also get in touch with your local MSPs and also your local councillor .Do you have a local newspaper as I'm sure they'd be interested and a petition around your local residents might also help.It all needs a bit of work though

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