Thursday, 24 January 2008

Apologies for my lack of presence ...

I've been a bit of an absentee landlord here for the best part of December and January and I felt I have to put the record straight about why and also to hope for a change soon.

Obviously there was the usual festive hols, which this year saw me parted from the internet for all but one afternoon of 16 consecutive days. Even when I did post I made a boo-boo by carelessly embedding an explicit image (which is against my self-made rules).

And during late December I was also hit with a couple of unwanted slapstick moments, which loosened a front tooth and disposed of my 10 year old specs respectively. These were seperate incedents either side of Christmas Day and no fisticuffs were involved, though I was sober on neither occasion. I've yet to face the dentistry, but I had to get new specs (@£63.75 from Specsavers) immediately - as you can possibly tell from my updated profile pic. The frames are named 'Shaggy' ...

But both December and January have also been unusually hectic at when I've been at work, which is where I get most opportunity to post, and the job must come first of course. I returned on the 7th to a backlog on every front, especially Google Reader which is what generates my choices for the right hand panel bookmarks.

And now a new chapter of domesticity is upon me as I'm now in a position to seek out the long awaited new flat nearer into Dunfermline centre, so this is also diverting my attention outside of work. As of today though - subject to our own survey - it may be that I'll be in a new abode by around Easter, after 2 months of already known building work completes. Can't guarantee that those weeks won't be taken up 'window shopping' in the Argos catalogue and various DIY stores and garden centres though!

I'm completely aware that many of you may be awaiting my considered opinion on "Voyage of the Damned", "Big Brother Celebrity Hijack", the new series of "Torchwood"or even the weather. You may yet get that but you may not. Sorry. This is the most considered post I've attempted under the recent circumstances.

It's not just TWFH I've been neglecting - I fell off Flickr and for ages and am only this week remedying that.

Hope is on the horizon though. In the weeks that I am awaiting moving in to the new flat (cross fingers re the survey) my landlord brother-in-law has decided not to charge me rent at my current dwelling so as to amass some cash readies. There was some confusion initially that this was to be earmarked for my dentistry, even though I haven't yet got a dentist, but with welcome irony it is intended to go towards a laptop replacement for my dear departed iMac. Ironic because on top of it breaking down (though not beyond repair) in April it was my brother-in-law who unilaterally decided to fling it in the rubbish in October! To say I was miffed is an huge understatement. So hopefully by this April I will be cradling a mid-range Macbook on my lap and be in a new flat. That will give me much more access to all things internet once again.

2007 was a year of diminishment in terms of my computer, my camera, my private living-space and finally my eyewear that I'm hoping 2008 to be a year of progress.

And those naughty souls out there amongst you will be pleased that I'm about to give you a double dose of "Gangsters in Large" now (one was meant to go up at the weekend but I forgot).

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