Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Now available @ Tumblr!

By discovering and now experimenting with alternative blog hoster Tumblr, I have probably further complicated the future of what happens here. This blog is a finite resource anyway - there's only so much content I can tip in before it becomes 'full', so I've always had to keep that 'blogdeath' in mind.

So I'm now available in an alternative flavour @


It's very early days yet. As I said not long back I'm becoming bamboozled with having this blog, Twitter, Facebook and which feeds into what, which is best for what, so again I'm doing the same for Tumblr. At the moment I'm making it the primary target for my photos, my del.icio.us feed (now centrestage) plus any music or video. Interestingly, Tumblr also allows me to audio blog, which was something I was looking for - in Blogger I think I'd have had to make it into a YouTube video or slideshow, which I considered a bit of a faff.

These blogs will both be going on until the end of the year in some form. Then I will probably have to make a decision on things, but I''l keep you all informed. That's if anyone bothers to read these admin posts, but no-one can say I didn't forewarn ...

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