Saturday, 20 February 2010

Who Killed Archie? Eastenders Live & Aftermath

There may be some of you who haven't got around to the reveal so don't scroll any further than these shots of Bradley falling to his death from the roof of the Queen Vic (well you must have known he was going) ...

And so in the very last scene, after the whole square, including all the other prime suspects, has witnessed Bradley's end we find out it was ... Stacey.

In hindsight it all makes so much sense, even though Stacey wasn't pushed as a suspect very much to the audience, despite having plenty motive. In the end too, she has only told Max, which makes for a fascinating prospect of both of them attempting to let dead Bradley take the rap, now that he is beyond needing protection.

(Much kudos to Lacey Turner who had been losing her voice from a throat infection yesterday, but had it for when it was needed. Ironic for the actress that so really needed to be able to voice the confesssion).

It was an ambitious episode that also had the completely shocking extra reveal that Ronnie too had been raped by Archie, her own father. And Charlie Clements on his last day at work had live physical stunt work to do (albeit with the help of a stuntman).

It's going to be fascinating watching the six weeks of episodes shot between yesterday's and today's when all the actors playing the other suspects are still unawares and working on scripts that don't make them any wiser, though it has been admitted that there will be new scenes (presumably with Stacey and Max) slotted into them. Apparently it is revealed to the characters at the end of March, but presumably not the police? Maybe the ramifications of this plot have some link to Kat and Alfie coming back?

There were some fluffs in the episode - who would have thought Scott Maslen was one of the few actors who'd done a live episode before, as he mangled his early lines a fair bit, though it added realism to a fictional panic. Samantha Womack also confessed later she'd made Ronnie into an inadvertent shoplifter.

My main gripe, if any, with it was the apparent absence of lots of characters, despite the actors actually being there. Perhaps I should have another look at it, but I'm sure it wasn't just because they didn't have speaking parts. Some were perhaps only there for the wrap party which we witnessed on the follow-up BBC Three show.

The BBC Three 'aftermath' show was completely surreal, from being hosted by Archie's real-life son (the non-saviour of 6Music, George Lamb), to watching the rest of the actors gripped and gobsmacked themselves by the live reveal, cast and crew mixing in the R&R set with real alcohol and an super-swift interview with hapless Charlie Clements as he wobbled to his feet still dripping fake blood everywhere.

It's really unique TV itself - catch it here until 9.29pm on Friday 26th:

Lastly, here's some photos from the preparations this week for the live episode. A couple of them deserve subtitle competitions!

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