Saturday, 23 October 2010

Sarah Jane Adventures Totty - Santiago/Finn Jones

Many of you will remember Sarah Jane Smith's immediate predecessor from 70s "Doctor Who" - ditzy dolly bird Jo Grant, played by Katy Manning. Both are now in their early 60s, though unlike her TARDIS replacement, Jo Jones (as is) has not remained single and childless. In fact she is a grandmother and, to end a convoluted intro, this is Santiago, one of her many grandchildren.

As played by 23 year old Finn Jones (late of Hollyoaks) he joins his gran in the story which screens this week on CBBC then BBC One. As well as joining Sarah Jane, Clyde and Rani, Matt Smith's 11th Doctor also guest stars in the tricksily titled "Death of the Doctor" which sees the two companions meet at the time-lord's apparent funeral.

It occurred to me today, without seeing the episodes I admit, that they might have missed a trick by not having Santiago stay on as Luke's replacement. In this case he really is a companion's relative!

Another thing re his look - replace the skinny jeans with tight, patchy flares and add sideburns and he could have been in Jo's debut series, made in 1970/71. It's that hippy hair, jewelry and the plunge neck t-shirt (which would be tie-dye or cheesecloth of course!).

Those of you from the other persuasion will want to know there is female guest totty in the form of Laila Rouass as Colonel Karim of UNIT's Mount Snowdon branch.

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