Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Sorry for the inactivity folks!

Another of my wee notes to apologise for not being here much (or online generally) in the last couple of weeks.

Basically I've had this particularly strain of lurgy that half the country seems to be down with to some extent. Sleep clock went completely mad and I was constantly talking to myself and mildly hallucinating. Plus the flat looks like a bombsite and most of my fridge contents have gone past the use by dates as I've been living off those little oranges and the occasional sausage roll type thing as my appetite had gone AWOL. Didn't even watch much TV as it required too much effort - even "Doctor Who" had to be delayed to Boxing Day. I'm sure it all somehow rewired my brain!

It almost completely wiped out my Christmas and certainly my start to the new year as well as robbing you faithful readers of promised content which I had stacked up but only partly pre-loaded. I will try to make amends by stuffing January with meaty extras, though it seems unlikely the totty advent calendar will be completed as planned - I'll be having to summarize.

As sods' law states I can report I am clearing up (I think) but this is the last day of my holidays and it struck on the 23rd so I only had one illness free day. At least only 2 working days until the weekend.

Anyway. on with 2011!

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