Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Totty alert ! Christian Cooke back on TV!

He's back in a militaty beret too (RIP Ross Jenkins)!

Having not really been seen since playing the lead in "Cemetary Junction", Christian is taking on a more gritty role than usual in Peter Kosminsky's "The Promise" which begins a 4 part run at 9pm on Sunday. He plays Sgt Len Matthews who goes from liberating concentration camps at the close of WW2 to being a peace-keeper in 1940s Palestine. The action shifts between the past and the present middle east (represented by Claire Foy as his grandaughter who is reading Len's diaries).

Looks likely to be one that ruffles feathers as much as Kosminsky's previous works, so I won't just be tuning in to see Mr Cooke in khaki shorts ...

1 comment:

Jason Shaw said...

He is a bit of top totty, thats for sure. Very nice.

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