Saturday, 26 March 2011

4 week countdown to 2011 Doctor Who begins!

With the release of this supernumery 'prequel' (yes it's technically not a prequel if it appears first) to the 2 part series opener the official countdown is on. Though it has been confirmed that episode one, entitled "The Impossible Astronaut", airs here and in the USA on Easter Saturday (23 April) the rumour that episode two follows on Easter Sunday has not.

This 'prequel' is a very glossy, very spooky sequence featuring what appears to be a young girl ring up President Nixon in the Whitehouse in 1969 with a warning ...

It's looking like this spring's slot will be a 6-something PM one again, preceding the current run of "So You Think You Can Dance" which kicks off tonight for 12 weeks.

Five further "Doctor Who" episodes follow on after before the series as produced gets split in two and goes off early on a "game-changing"* cliffhanger for the summer. My calculations surmise the return date to be Saturday 3 September for the remaining six episodes. Also by my reckoning that would follow the previous night's conclusion of "Torchwood: Miracle Day" which looks to be running from early July on both sides of the Atlantic.

Trivia fans - this will be the first series of "Doctor Who" produced under a non-Labour government since 1989.

* as the production crew have managed to swap episode 3 (pre-cliffhanger) with episode 9 (post cliffhangher) for purely tonal reasons you may want to be sceptical about that.

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