Monday, 9 May 2011

BBC4 Tribute to Lis Sladen - tonight 7.40pm

Having had a TV tribute tailored to Sarah Jane Smith's second generation of fans on CBBC, BBC Four fulfils the remit for those of us in the first wave.

They have chosen Sarah's departure story "The Hand of Fear", first screened in October 1976, which specifically showcases the character.

Dan Martin in "The Guardian" today explains why he thinks this a fitting story as a tribute to Lis Sladen

It is showing in 2 parts - episodes 1&2 from 7.40pm tonight, and episodes 3&4 tomorrow in the same slot.

This also seems an apt opportunity to post Babelcolour's heartbreaking video compilation of Sarah-Jane's finest hours from both "Doctor Who" and "The Sarah Jane Adventures".

Have a hanky handy.

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