Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Au Revoir Matt Gooderick ( + new pics )

You may be aware I have the serious hots for BBC News Sports presenter Matt Gooderick, and I've seen that a few others have taken notice and joined the dribbling appreciation.

So I have good news and bad news Matt-watchers - firstly the appearance of these gorgeous new posed shots of Matt. They're actually taken by a (very talented) amateur whose day job is a TV News director at TVC. He mocked one up as a Vanity Fair cover, and I must say Matt and the photo quality are up to the job!

Only found them when Matt himself changed his Twitter avatar (@MattGooders) to the moody head and shoulders shot. I recommend following Matt on Twitter - he's very gay-friendly and followed me back rather than blocked me when I suggested he do one of those stripped-down Attitude Active covers (he was previously a professional footballer) . Even when I sent him this MenAtPlay link he quipped it would liven up Sportsday!

Anyway, in the most recent months Matt has been splitting his time between sports bulletins on BBC World and the BBC News Channel (where I usually see him).

As of this week though Matt is packing a flask and starting permanent night shifts for a new programme, Newsday, simulcast on both channels but between 1 and 7am! OK if you are a night owl. It's such a shame they are hiding away one of their up and coming assets.

However, during our initial Twitter contacts I asked Matt if he was moving up to MediaCity Salford, and he confirmed he was - his wife Shelley is also a BBC employee. Whether this is as part of BBC Sport or BBC Breakfast (I said he should replace Chris Hollings) he didn't say or know, but was by this point suggesting I be his agent! Anyway I hope this means this very off peak slot is not really for good - sorry Matt fans outside the UK.

Minor Matt factoid - he attended the same school as Christopher Isherwood and was there last week to give a careers presentation.

Oh, and to prove I'm not the only Matt fan, here's a YouTube someone other than me made up of him last year (note his previous spikier hairdo). Warning - contains sport.

And remember Matt really does want to get his Attitude Active cover and asked me to campaign for it - I already pleaded with @AttitudeMag (and GT) for this exposure but please tell them if you want it too! ;)

http://tvnewsroom.co.uk/news/bbc-newsday-l...-tonight-10741/ - the launch of Newsday

http://www.flickr.com/photos/mboyne/sets/72157605820960066/ - the set from which the new photos come

http://tvnewsroom.co.uk/people/matt-gooderick/ - Matt's profile on TV Newsroom (not yet on Wikipedia)

EDIT 19 June - Matt tells me this is only for 6 months:


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