Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Apologies again

Yes, still no new computer. My initial credit backer backed out.

Ironically, yesterday Apple announced they were bumping up the spec and bumping down the price on their MacBooks which has altered my target machine back to the middle of the range £829 MacBook rather than the £799 iMac.For the £30 difference I'm really swapping portability (and 2.36kg v 7kg) for screen size (13.3in v 17in) and dropping 40GB to a 'mere' 120BG on the bumped up MacBook. Both have an 8x Superdrive, iSight camera, FrontRow and Tiger, but the MacBook now beats the iMac with a 2.16Ghz speed.

Enough of the jargon though - basically a new buy is likely to be weeks away and so the service here continues to be below par. On the bright side, if I get my new Mac you'll notice a bumping up of content here.

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