Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Jiggle in those Jockeys boys!

"Jockey is sponsoring an online competition that features regular joes dancing in their skivvies. Aspiring guys who wants to win the $5000 prize has until November 15 to upload their videos.The website is here:"

Via WetBoxersGuy.

I really want to see those entries! But not the best season to launch this in surely ... and why only for America? Maybe the dollar prize is too paltry for the rest of us these days!


xpozure4u said...

What a woeful website and most of the vids seem to be of women and what men there are on there are not guys I would particulary want to see jiggling in their Jockeys .

Graeme said...

That's a pity - I didn't get the Jockey site to load for me but it seemed a good idea.

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