Thursday, 8 November 2007

More like "Happy Birthday BAFTA" please ITV!

Hopefully this is the Grade effect, but I watched this show at 9pm last night and, had it not been for the ads (a very festive and expensive bunch incedentally), I'd have sworn this was a BBC production.

From Stanley Baxter to Victoria Wood and the choices of Parky and Lumley as co-hosts this just reeked the sort of considered class that ITV has lacked for years.

About the only ropey bits were the "Coronation St" fake retro pieces where Kim Ryder and Anthony Cotton were digitally imposed on old footage and the apparently obligatory Sharon Osborne appearance.

Great to see the "Upstairs, Downstairs" cast re-united (sort of) with the revelation that the first proposed spin-off was actually to feature Hudson, Mrs Bridges and Ruby running a seaside guest house - unfortunately Angela Baddeley died mere weeks after the final episode was broadcast.

Oh and special mention for the set - again a cut above what we normally see.

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