Tuesday, 13 October 2009

"The Sarah Jane Adventures" is back!

And it's heralded by this wonderful new extended trailer, which is making me squee a bit. Note added Doctor and K-9.

The series begins this Thursday on BBC One at 4.35, and is the "Radio Times' Pick of the Day for 15 October. Unlike previous series, there will be a second episode 24 hours later for the six week run so that's a full story per week split over Thursday and Friday afternoons. For some of us the early start time is a problem, but there's always iPlayer or the CBBC channel repeats. There's three opportunities the following weekend, all one-hour omnibuses. I'm going for the Saturday lunchtime-ish showing at 11.55am.

Meanwhile the series 2 DVD is coming out and those nice chaps at "Doctor Who Magazine" have stretched their remit and produced one of their specials on the subject of the three series of this spin-off (though no doubt touching on Sarah's TARDIS years).

Here's what to look out for:

Plus the regular edition of the magazine, handily appearing in newsagents on the 15th also, highlights the third story of the season where the Doctor crashes Sarah's wedding to someone bearing a remarkable resemblance to Nigel Havers ...

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