Saturday, 24 October 2009

Sarah Jane Adventures Totty - Gregg Sulkin & Toby Parkes

Caught up with the second story of the new "Sarah Jane Adventures" series entitled "The Mad Woman in the Attic". A big improvement on the opening story last week, where Lis Sladen put in her worst/campiest 'possessed' performance (and she's had a lot of practice!) and the Judoon were the highlight.

This week had a real heart inside a tale of a grown up Rani who has become the titular 'mad woman' in 2059 owing to an earlier mistake which inadvertently erased the rest of the gang from existence. This one also cleverly previewed the Doctor's involvement in next week's story and finally retrieved K9 from cameo-hell (who oddly knows 'Master Clyde' even though I don't think they've met).

Anyways, a couple of things stood out for me, namely two guesting young actors Gregg Sulkin (above) and Toby Parkes (below) as Adam and Sam. They eventually turn out to be father and son. Adam looks far better than he should considering dad Sam shagged this week's 'villain' Eve (who was bright red) and must have been born when Sam was in his 50s.

Of course we had the regular male totty in the form of Luke And Clyde (Tommy Knight & Daniel Anthony) who are now both legal enough for me to say that. Here's a couple of Tommy from this episode. I had particularly unclean thoughts in the scene where Luke and Sam sit on Luke's bed together ...

They even managed to have yummy extras - I was particularly taken with this fairground zombie:

And the story was written by Joe Lidster, who is not only cute stuff, but is actually following me on Twitter (for which I am honoured sir!).

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