Saturday, 20 March 2010

Doctor Who - 2010 series launch catch-up

So, I have been neglecting you peeps lately (explanations will follow for those not following me on Facebook or Twitter) but I really can't neglect this one any further as it nears 48 hours after the official launch of the new series of Doctor Who, and enters the fevered final fortnight before UK broadcast on Easter Saturday.

Anyway, all that I can see so far looks very good and almost all the critique of the first episode, which was revealed at the launch in Cardiff, seems of the same opinion. It's the beginning of the hard sell now - many of us will be sick of the sight of the promotion by the time "The Eleventh Hour" goes out.

Above I've put the 30 second trailer version of the whole season preview which was also presented to the invited audience on Thursday night so we get a Cyberman but no Roman centurions, Van Gogh, Churchill, James Corden or Bill Nighy for instance. Apparently though, they were denied the episode edit with the new title sequence which they'll get to see at the same time as the rest of us. Us plebs have also been granted a short and intriguing clip from that first episode in which the Doctor meets Amy for the first time in 1996 (my guess based on arithmetic and a suspected in-joke).

(The clip comes from the BBC News channel so excuse the ticker-tape)

Was going to post some pics of Matt and Karen at the Thursday night launch, but Matt was not at his most photogenic let's say (a fact not missed by the tabs I think) probably because he'd probably been up filming since 6 in the morning so I'm giving them a miss. The last day of filming is actually today, with a wrap party near the studios tonight. The team are back in early July to film the Chrismas 2010 special and the 2011 series - both confirmed by Steven Moffat at the event.

And here's "The Moff' interviewed on Friday morning's BBC Breakfast. He's not as gregarious as RTD but in many ways comes across the better for it.

Anyway, that's yer lot from me about it for the moment. Matt is on the Jonathan Ross TV show on Friday 26th, so I may be back on topic after that ...

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