Tuesday, 2 March 2010

RIP Kristian Digby (1977-2010)

Very shocked this morning to wake up to news that TV presenter Kristian Digby had been found dead, in circumstances currently described as 'unexplained'.

Best known for the daytime property show "To Buy Or Not To Buy" (which I admit I don't watch) it was left to his co-presenter there, Dom Littlewood to lead tributes.

I first spotted him in BBC Choice's "That Gay Show" around a decade ago - as well as being fabulously good looking he always seemed cultured, intelligent and fun-loving (see "Hole in the Wall" and "Strictly Come Dancing:It Takes Two") and I'd have predicted a long and prosperous career. I'm hoping this does not turn out to be the sort of end that Jan Moir and the like will disembowel with homophobic glee.


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