Friday, 13 August 2010

Big Brother "All-Stars" Line-up (partly) revealed

Channel 4 appear to have revealed the "All Stars" line up that will take over the house for the last two weeks or so of the final run.

As pictured in suitably funereal style they are Michelle, Brian Belo, Siavash, Craig, Alex, Dane, Aisleyne, Brian Dowling, Nikki, Nadia, Pete, Charlie, 'Nasty' Nick, Chantelle and John. C4 tease they may not be the only returnees to captivity, but we'll see.

I'm moderately happy about the line-up as it was looking increasingly likely that they wouldn't get many characters and few of the actual winners. Actually they have six winners and the only summer series not represented are BB4 (which was somewhat expected), BB6 (shame about Makosi) and BB9 (shame about Rex). A little concerned that they seem a bit overbalanced with prima-donnas and that some series are over-represented which might make for immediate cliques.

Ideally, I'd replace Dane with Federico or Jon from BB4, Charlie with Makosi and busted flush 'Nasty' Nick with Rex.

Of course they will also be joined by the winner of BB11, who is blissfully unaware of this fate. Until tonight that is. After a further fib about them voting for the 2010 winner, in tonight's live show Big Brother will finally reveal to the current housemates that they are not in there until September as they thought and that only one will remain in after their final on 24 August (though I'd wager Sam Pepper and the other latecomers may be in on this already), so they have a lot less time left than they imagined.

Hope they get a chance to clean the house!

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