Saturday, 17 February 2007

Irish Rugby totty - "Captain Underpants"

No 6 Nations matches this weekend but I thought I'd catch up with some related scans.

First to the Emerald Isle with 6 ft 6 Lions, Munster and Ireland star Donncha O'Callaghan. As I'd seen for myself on the tottyland site he went rather beyond the call of duty during a Celtic League match in a very welcome manner. Here "Scotland on Sunday" relates his explanation:

However, O'Callaghan took his eccentricity to new limits in a recent match against Cardiff, and this has become a favourite on Youtube.

After ripping his shorts, he threw them to the sidelines and, concerned that Cardiff would get a free throw, he duly took his place in the lineout wearing nothing more than a pair of skimpies (Munster red of course) to cover his embarrassment. It was probably just as well that the referee insisted that he find some shorts, because goodness knows what the lineout lifters would have grabbed to hoist the big fella skywards.

"I haven't heard the end of it, and to be honest it's something I really regret," O'Callaghan revealed last week. "I wish it had never happened. Everybody knows me for being outgoing and stuff like that, but it's only when you watch it back that you see how embarrassing it was.

"I was disappointed it happened, and Deccie [Declan Kidney] had to apologise on behalf of all the management, and things weren't right. But at the time I was faced with two options: stay or leave the pitch and be down a man. You've got to understand like, I've played with Paulie [Paul O'Connell] when he's had two teeth knocked out of the front of his mouth, and he played on. So I didn't think it was acceptable for me to go off.

"People think I'm a messer and a joker, but my family know me well, and they knew it was upsetting enough for me, so they were supportive. The brothers would be slagging and jockeying around and stuff like that, but they were supportive really."

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