Wednesday, 28 February 2007

The Return of "Seven Days"

This will hit you out of the blue as much as it did me (if it registers at all).

Back in mid-2001 BBC2 started a tardy screening of the US sci-fi series "Seven Days", whose 3 series simultaneously came to an end in its home country. BBC2 also only ran just over half the first (1998/99) season even then, in their one of their 6pm slots. I was impressed by the relative grittiness of the series and the sexiness of leading man Jonathan LaPaglia (above and left).

Imagine my surprise as I awoke on the sofa around 10 past midnight this morning to find it was back on! As someone who scours the "Radio Times" this was doubly surprising, but a little infuriating as the re-runs began on Tuesday morning resuming straight where they left off 6 years ago. Apparently it will carry on in this graveyard slot each weekday.

I'd urge sci-fi fans to tune in/tape/Sky+/whatever (likewise anyone who fancies Mr LaPaglia). The premise of the series is a little like "Quantum Leap" meets "Stargate SG1" with prickly protaganist Parker being sent back seven days with the benefit of hindsight to avert a disaster of some proportion. I'd guess the reason the BBC has kept it on ice so long is that the political situation in the USA and the world has moved on noticeably from when "Seven Days" was produced (today's ep battled nasties in war-torn Bosnia).

Sadly LaPaglia's star seems to have sunk also, and he's stuck in the shadow of elder brother Anthony.

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