Friday, 17 August 2007

Now arriving ... Channel 4+1

From Monday, digital viewers will get two chances to see all Channel 4 programmes when it becomes the first of the main terrestrial channels to introduce a "+1" channel. I think it's a great idea and hope other channels follow the lead. Due to domestic circumstances I'm detached from my Freeview (and have been since 'redecoration' started in mid-June) but hope to take full advantage when me and my box are re-united.

Surprised the promotion of this has been so low-key actually - I've only seen one promo (the corny Kung-fu one with Sarah Beeny) but from the ad above it may be that the "Skins" gang, Gordon Ramsay, David Threlfall, Justin Lee Collins and Alan Carr are also hawking it.

Now what I could do with is a -1 option too ...

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