Thursday, 23 April 2009

Meat Polls ...

In true blog fashion I have finally got around to creating the first two polls to rate my (almost) daily "Meat to Please You" models. I'm a little behind, so I've had to start with two, which you should easily find in the right-hand column, near the top. The first has 10 contenders, as I started on a Wednesday, but the second is in the weekly form that will be my default. Both polls close on 1st May, as will this week's when it appears. (Next week's will close on 8th May and so on ...)

I've already voted, but have noticed no-one else has yet cast one, so consider this a reminder.

I will continue to post a variety of types as far as possible, but there may be the possibility of return appearances for popular models (where further sets exist).

Feedback on any of the guys continues to be welcome!

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