Friday, 5 January 2007

The 12 Lays of Christmas - 12

I'm slightly cheating with this last one, as you don't get the full set without being a member at , though there are a fair chunk of preview pics here. But it's a good one.

This duo dates from April 2005, one of the "Helping Hands" sessions where one prone model lies back and thinks of the Czech Republic while someone else 'works' on them with hand and mouth etc. Further novelty is added here in that not only are both guys straight (par for the course really) but are actually brothers! Radim provides the hands for his younger sibling, taking over midway from 'photographer' Boris (who's also a cops a feel). Higgins did a porno way back in his US days called "Brothers Should Do It" - this idea has obviously not left him ...

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