Thursday, 4 January 2007

Celebrity Big Brother 2007 - First Impressions

A bit of a disappointing line-up in that there were 2 people I've never remotely heard of (the WAG and the 'outrageous' band vocalist) and no real male totty to speak of. There's a couple of ex-male totty but that's it!

One of the more gobsmacking appearances was film director Ken Russell, so frail that Davina had to escort him down the house steps. I hope he doesn't peg out in there.

Why did the Jermaine Jackson rumour have to be right - he looks SO boring.

H from Steps and Jo from S Club will be in huddles throughout I reckon. Probably a mistake to put both in, though H's 'coming out' yesterday will add a bit of novelty value.

Although I'd never heard of the Bollywood actress I wouldn't expect to. She looks beautiful and seems a nice person with it.

We'd heard David Hassellhoff and Adam Ant. We got Dirk Benedict and Leo Sayer. Not much impression gained as yet, but Sayer is the first bookies' favourite.

Making up the 11 are tabloid columnist Carole Malone and Kenny Everett sidekick Cleo Rocas. I'm sure Cleo will be great fun in there. I think Carole is the first journo to actually go in.

Davina (who looked very different last night) explained there is a twist on Friday involving the pontifications of a "Big Brother family' - presumably located in 'the hose next door'. I did slightly wonder if they're a celebrity family.

4 Jan update: Leo Sayer is deservedly the favourite - he's just amazingly entertaining, intellegent and personable.

Meanwhile I've warmed to Donnie a bit - may just rate as totty after all, despite the Rhys Ifans hairdo.

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