Monday, 1 January 2007

The Sarah Jane Adventures - "Invasion of the Bane" 9/10

The Goodies: Kelsey, Sarah-Jane, Maria and "Luke"

The Baddies - The Bane (in clever disguises)

30 odd years after orginally leaving the TARDIS and 18 months after her adventure with the Tenth Doctor and Rose Sarah Jane Smith has a 'Mr Smith' and a son. But not in the conventional sense ...

So here's the second "Doctor Who" spin-off, and officially a kids programme for the frst time (made by BBC Wales for CBBC) - here's my rambling thoughts after first viewing.

Having been slightly let down by some of the 'family' restrictions and expectations on the parent series I was worried that this would go further down that route - it doesn't, but it's parked around the same place. If anything I think some of the childless grown-ups tuning in would be shocked at what kids' TV can allow TV. I'm thinking here foremost about the headstrong Kelsey who fixates immediately on any 'muffin that catches her eye (I imagine this is a contraction of 'studmuffin' but couldn't tell you if that's official street talk). This includes her friend Maria's dad , one of the main baddies (see pic) and the artificial boy (eventually christened Luke) who the gang pick up. Admittedly she's not wrong!

There are also jokes and comment in here that would be appreciated more by adults, as happens with current "Doctor Who"

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