Thursday, 4 October 2007

Doctor Who on your Christmas lists ...

Starting modestly above with the DWM out on 18 October (note "Torchwood" didn't get a cover of its own, but "Sarah Jane Adventures" has) I thought I'd do a quick round-up of some of the glittering goodies targeted for us fans in the run-up to Christmas (yes, it IS closer than you think).

Obviously there's the Season Three boxset (out 5 November), and this year rich completists may like to go for all three available boxes ...

There's the default one here

The Amazon one

And my favourite (as it doesn't overbill the Master at Martha's expense), the Woolworths one

Just announced too is the second volume of Murray Gold's soundtrack music (also released 5 November).

Plus, hot on the heels of the recent Key to Time mega-boxset another classic boxset is available from 26 November. The "Davros" boxset features all the classic stories featuring the creator of the Daleks, including the debut on DVD of "Destiny of the Daleks" which followed immediately after the Key to Time Season. More new DVD extras have also been added to 1988's "Remembrance of the Daleks" for this release. And for the first time, Big Finish have teamed up with the DVD producers to supply a back up set of original Davros audio plays (including one recorded specially) where 80s TV version Terry Molloy is complemented by Rory Jennings as the character in his youth. Mind you the RRP is £99.99 which is more than either of the aforementioned box-sets!

Meanwhile, next up on the regular 'classic' DVD release schedule we're back to Sarah-Jane who features with Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor in 1975's "Planet of Evil".

With the reputation of being a 'Bovril' story (you either love it or loathe it) I have to say I'm very fond and may be tempted as of 15 October ...


Anonymous said...

So is Martha Jones coming back ever? Please, please, please say yes.

Lie to me.

Graeme said...

Yes Martha comes back for the latter half of season four, alongside Donna. Before then she rejoins Captain Jack for three episodes of "Torchwood".

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