Monday, 8 October 2007

Gethin Jones: Strictly Come Dancing

A delightful little compilation from a "Blue Peter" last week where the lovely Gethin's appearance in the 2007 series of "Strictly Come Dancing" is used as another tenuous opportunity to strip him down, this time for a nearly-all-over spray tan from Zoe. (I'm sure we all remember the spontaneous chest waxing he got from Konnie and Liz a couple of years back ...)

Glad to note he's looking better than he did in the initial publicity shots with partner Camilla Dallerup.

And here's some clips of the man in action, shaking his booty in his debut competition piece (a cha cha) on Saturday. Note the expert voiceover, which rated him higher than the fifth place the studio judges awarded.

and in a group swing dance screened on Sunday.

Obviously, it goes without saying that Gethin is my favourite of the men, but I think Dom Littlewood might be the dark horse.

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