Sunday, 12 March 2006

Gratuitous "Doctor Who" totty pic 2

For our male heterosexualists (and PJ in particular) I present Ms Eve Myles in a state of undress during the BBC Wales show "Belonging".

She is due to be the female lead, Gwen. in the BBC3 spin-off "Torchwood". Anoraks like me will also point to her role as Victorian maid Gwyneth in series 1's "The Unquiet Dead".
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PJ said...

Whooaarrr !! Tits out fer the lads Gwen. :-)

Anonymous said...

where is that pic from

Graeme said...

Er, it even says on the top.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow that is hot *grrrowwl* lol, she is hot, i wanna see more. PC Gwen Cooper takin her kit off, double lol.

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