Monday, 20 March 2006

Preston and Kevin Zegers in "Attitude" magazine

We've become used to seeing past "Big Brother" contestants posing topless on the front of the Sunday papers, but I was surprised that the first of this year's "Celebrity Big Brother" contestants to do so was (Samuel) Preston, descendant of former UK PM Earl Grey and lead singer with retro beat combo, The Ordinary Boys.

Now that Preston has consumated the relationship with CBB's non-celebrity winner, Chantelle Houghton, he's well on course to be one of the faces of the year. He even had the possibly dubious honour of gracing the cover of the last ever "Smash Hits". Certainly a cover shoot for this month's "Attitude" magazine nudges him further into the stratosphere. And what a face! I make no excuses for reproducing one of the many monochrome portraits that appear therein.

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Second cutie scan is actor Kevin Zegers, currently to be seen as Felicity Huffman's estranged son in the film "Transamerica". For his role as a hustler he researched by actually "selling himself" on the street for an agreed price of $350 - he chickened out of going through with it of course, abandoning the client in a hotel room. Bit of a culture shock for the kid out of Disney's "Air Bud" movies!

This photo is by the renowned Greg Gorman.
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Anonymous said...

Kevin looks so hot...

Anonymous said...

I read in a synopsis of the interview that he said he ran out the back door (no pun intended!). Did he leave the guy's money or keep it? If he kept it, the guy should sue the producers of "Transamerica" for fraud, since Zegers said he did(n't do) the deed as research for the movie. By God, if a cute star wants to whore himself out on the streets, he should put out!

Sanjay said...

He is very best actor his shoulder is very great how so lovly boy .

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