Friday, 30 June 2006

"Big Brother 7" - halfwayish point revisit

Thought I'd give a few words more on the current "Big Brother". As everyone but the remaining housemates know, tonight's 'evictee' will in fact move to a secret secondary house next door, joining 5 fresh housemates, and eventually return (when 'the walls come down' I presume). With this also being just about the halfway point I'm updating/adding my impressions of the present characters. In no particular order:

Imogen: gone down in my estimations having submitted to the usual "Lord of the Flies" pressures that have built up. Her bedtime trysts with Mikey are as tedious as she's turned out to be, though good on her for so successfully being a task saboteur this week.

Richard: no sign of sexual terrorism, but I still like him on balance. He's playing the game. One of the housemates who could do with some male company to really flirt/spark with - he appears bored. He's the one I'd most have liked to move houses.

Lea: not a good week for Lea as she let her neuroses climb the walls. Her advances on Pete and (latterly) Glyn are slightly unsavoury and she seems to know it. Plus they also triggered her conspiracy theories. But can be very sweet at times - if it's a good day.

Aisleyne: one of the 3 'extras' already placed in the house. Seems pretty screwed on rather than screwed up, but doesn't do herself favours in the appearance/behaviour stakes sometimes. Her attacks on already freaked-out Lea went a bit far, though this may be down to reaction to her 'impending eviction'.

Mikey: another bore and unintelligible too much of the time (when he does speak). Quite pleasing to look at but not unmissable. But generally gets on with everyone.

Susie: the controversial Golden Ticket winner, but again completely forgettable otherwise. Sympathetic to her during Grace's obnoxious hate campaign, but that was more down to Grace.
Gives Richard someone to chat to. Will probably be the one to move house tonight.

Pete: has been the odds-on favourite sibce the start, and certainly a positive influence on the house, able to muck in without complaint on many occassions. Possibly being a bit too passive for his own good and does appear be be showing cracks this week. Not those sort.

Nikki: has become one of the stars of this series with her surreal tirades in the diary room ("Who IS she ... Who IS she?") and sudden unreasonable demands. Unusually I've gone from being terrifically annoyed to mildly entertained, but suspect there may be "method in her madness" - she's now second or third favourite.

Glyn: the dark horse. I'm beginning to think he may win. He effortlessly goes from being geeky to cute to horned up (over Lea) to wacky - his monologue on black puddings last night was a classic. Also he genuinely seems more concerned with getting on with things than winning, but that could be just another very good act.

Probably back at the weekend to give a view on tonights hi-jinks and newbies.

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