Tuesday, 20 June 2006

Goodbye "Top of the Pops"

Farewell to a British institution - a programme like "Doctor Who" or "Blue Peter" that we grew up with.

The axe should have fell on Andi Peters (if there was any justice) but I guess this has been coming for a while.

Hope they go out with a bang on 30 July.

Wallow in TOTP nostalgia at TV Cream


Peter Rivendell said...

What went wrong? They gave it a presenter who was a complete airhead. They tampered endlessly with the format. They moved it to a ridiculous time so people soon forgot that it had ever existed. How could it have gone wrong?

Graeme said...

Agree with all of that - the show had shown some signs of growing up since the BBC2 move, but keeping Fearne the Airhead (Reggie Yates was OK) sent the wrong signals.

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