Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Doctor Who - "Army of Ghosts" gallery & RT cover

The gallery for the last story of the season is now up at the BBC site - Tracy Ann Oberman is looking very Madonna in the initial shots!

Also notching up 3 "Radio Times" covers for the show this year (equalling 2005) is Billie Piper with a rather lurid 'farewell' interview but sweet picture.


Jamie said...

I'm curious to see, as much as they have hype the finale, if they pull out all the stops. I have been disappointed with the last two installments, but I recognize the foreshadowing at the end of "Love & Monsters" and giving Rose a chance to save the day in "Fear Her" before Billie gives us the old heave ho.


Graeme said...

Well, like most of the second half of the season, I don't think the BBC have hyped the finale much. Us fans though have since before April.

The comments in L&M were indeed foreshadowing events I think.

And where's Jack?

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