Thursday, 15 June 2006

More World Cup brain failure

After my rant the other day I thought I might have managed to vent my spleen enough for the duration. Alas not. I forgot about this type of lunacy. It's the 'everybody's watching it and you better let them or else' attitude. Again here displayed in varying amounts by both sides represented.

It's analogous to fag breaks for me (very much so being neither a smoker or a sports fan). Oh yes put a big screen in the workplace so 'everyone' can go and watch ... and those who don't want to? Can they just go for a 90 minute break too or, more likely, will be left to man the phones. And if the there are tellies already in the workplace, all switched to the match at full volume? Well this person would be 'throwing a sickie' in that case. So much for selfish claims of 'team building'.


Peter Rivendell said...

Are you in mourning? Billie to leave Doctor Who! I had to rush to your blog when I saw the news.

Graeme said...

Not in mourning - as expected really. It was always a question of when rather than if.

Why comment to this post though?

Peter Rivendell said...

I didn`t know where else to put it! Sorry... I got all excited!

Maybe Sarah Jane`ll come back properly!

[Just be glad you get comments - I haven`t had one since Saturday]

Graeme said...

It would help if your trafficzap didn't transport you away from making in the middle of making the comment ... just a thought.

Peter Rivendell said...

Thanks for that - I wasn`t aware of it. TrafficZap is utterly pointless anyway.

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