Saturday, 11 September 2010

Bye Bye Babs

The 10th of September 2010 marked the end for two popular TV institutions of recent years. Here's the first goodbye.

Following on from the previous evening's explosive inferno at her beloved Queen Vic, Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor) departed tearfully from Walford after 16 years. I must admit I'm sad to see her go as well and was disappointed by the Thursday episode which felt rushed in the usual 30 minute slot. No-one died and the only injured characters (Phil, Stacey, Ryan and Syed) were either back to normal or unseen on Friday. Only baby Lily appears to have been hospitalised and only overnight at that. Phil is looking like a pudgy red troll, but he was before the fire.

One thing I did like though was that this forms a triumvirate of event episodes with Archie's murder last Christmas Day, the live anniversary episode in February and then this week we have Stacey confessing the murder to Peggy and revealing to Ryan that he's Lily's father (it was in February we viewers learnt this but both were assumed to be down to Bradley, whose demise was also that night).

Meanwhile, next week the Peggy-shaped hole is being filled by these two. Personally I have my misgivings about bringing Kat and Alfie back, especially as they hail from an era when I wasn't really watching, and this very silly promo doesn't help.

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