Saturday, 25 September 2010

Rare photo of me in outdoor sports-related activity this week

Said 'sports' included speed pool (I was laughable), toss the boot (I did rather well at tossing), horse shoes (narrowly avoided injury), giant darts (did pretty good), giant Jenga (didn't really add much), golf pitching on the wii (not bad for first time anywhere near a wii console), command task (we did good but all I did was hold a rope), basketball shoot-the-hoop (we did best but mostly down to Mickey, who's the one in shorts on the left), boules (I was one of the better scores but knackered my thighs with repetitive crouching) and golf ball throwing (I think I got one in a bucket).

I was handicapped first by being an unfit 46 year old who rarely watches sports, let alone gets stuck in any time, and by being constantly distracted by competitors (three of whom may be in this picture). Imagine watching guys in football shorts bending over the pool table ...

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